Paradigms of Salesforce Implementation & Testing


The marketing world today is witnessing a paradigm shift. In the present day, commercial success is what everyone is aiming for. Gone are the days when good profit was the only thing that enterprises were running after. This is an article that deals with one of the key aspects to focus on while running in the race of commercial success and that is- Salesforce implementation and Testing.

We will take you through the various aspects of Salesforce implementation and Testing namely-

Paradigms of Salesforce Implementation & Testing


Let us first begin with the million dollar question- “what is Salesforce”

The simplest answer to this question would be the virtual client assistant that is helping the CRM teams to store their data and keep an easy track of it.

Salesforce Implementation & Testing

Having resolved this initial conundrum, let us now understand what Salesforce Implementation is. Putting into practice the Salesforce system is generally perceived as the Salesforce implementation.

Advantages of effective Salesforce implementation and testing

Before you learn how to implement the Salesforce or its testing. It is imperative that you first understand why you should implement it. Here are a few advantages of implementing an effective Salesforce.

  1. It expedites your end goal. You are able to meet your targets much before it is anticipated. Let us review the process given on the website of Salesforce itself. They are talking about three step process that begins with an overview to speed up your process, then you can use accelerators by cloud and then finally you are supplemented with apps and platform accelerators.Paradigms of Salesforce Implementation & Testing
  1. It improves your marketing as you are able to be more interactive with your customers. You have a streamlined data that helps you improve your business prospects and overall customer interaction.Salesforce Implementation & Testing with janbask 
  1. You can now run your business on a single mobile app which is very easy to use. It makes the entire process a whole lot easier. This is a screenshot of the website that is giving you statistics on implementing Salesforce on your mobile phone.Paradigms of Salesforce Implementation & Testing
  1. It offers greater efficiency for multiple teams. When all the teams have got hands on all the data at the same time, there is no cross verification or unnecessary communication required. You can just pull out the data that is required for your team and work on it. You don’t have to wait for the teams to correspond to each other’s request, etc for data transferring, etc.
  2. It enhances your organization’s data analytics and reporting. With Salesforce in place, you do not have to worry about miscalculated or misplaced data at all. Easy plugins and synchronization on various platforms take care of the issues properly.
  3. You have happier and more satisfied customers than ever. Customer satisfaction plays the most important role in your enterprise. Landing customers is not easy and keeping them satisfied and loyal is even more difficult. It provides you with an ease of communication, easier organization of the data and an improved customer service. The salesforce website itself in the given screenshot claims to have 27% better customer retention.salesforce crm- janbask
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 Strategies for successful Salesforce implementation

 Strategies for successful Salesforce implementation

Step 1: The first step is to plan your strategy as to how do you want to go through the entire implementation process. Recognize the key areas, recognize the main obstacles, and formulate a plan to overcome them.

Step 2: The second step is to arrange a good team. Pick relevant members. Assign their duties with clear and precise instructions. Make sure that they have understood their role properly.

Step 3: The third step is to gather all the data that you can and start compiling and uploading it on salesforce platform, to later retrieve it from there.

Step 4: The fourth step is to formulate a plan of action to put your implementation in motion. Make a good design keeping in mind the data available to you and the capacity of your task force to handle it.

Step 5: The last step is to see the results of your implementation. If it does not look like something that it should have then stop right there and move in a different way.

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Challenges faced during successful Salesforce implementation

Here is a list of a few stones that you may want to dodge if you want your implementation to be successful.

Challenges faced during successful Salesforce implementation

  • The absence of clear goal- it is a vital part of the Salesforce implementation program that the management understands that the implementation is not only for the increase in sales. It is for a lot more than that. Lack of reports on other sectors, such as customer service, customer feedback etc become a huge issue later on.
  • Inability to change the requirements- if you are not getting the desired results of implementation, you have to change, update, revisit your CRM strategy. Many a times management is simply stuck with trying to operate on the old plan but making stricter rules for the members. It does not help, form a new plan.
  • Want of proper familiarity with the concepts- People jump onto implementation without getting their basics right. You need to first understand the concept of salesforce, why is it required, is it actually suitable for your company etc questions have to be answered.
  • Lack of proper instructions and training– Be specific when you are giving instructions to your team. Provide the necessary training. Do not just throw the bunch of instructions that go right beyond their comprehension skills.


Salesforce CRM is presently the main CRM requirement as far as sales, revenue and Customer Service Support is concerned. Implementation, Testing and Deployment of the Salesforce CRM is a procedure of basic significance.

Associations execute the Salesforce CRM with exclusive standards of expanded deals, efficiency and visibility of their deals and sales records. With the help of a proper planning, some of these implementations can go very efficiently, but at times they can backfire as well. Therefore, make a careful strategy, plan it well. Learn the basics and start right from the beginning. Take care of the obstacles that can occur.

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