How to Integrate Salesforce and Office 365?


Given the focal job that Office 365 involves for an ever-increasing number of organizations, the mix of the assets overseen by Office 365 with different administrations is a test that is regularly addressed by the customers all around the world. Fortunately, the Office 365 stage and the engineering of numerous other, key stages give incalculable integrations and advantages conceivable outcomes, a significant number of which can be utilized without the requirement of any kind of custom coding.

When you integrate the well-known Microsoft Office 365 instruments with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM it won’t just give your efficiency a huge support crosswise over deals, administration, advertising and social for as but will also make a scaffold for you to effectively interface with your clients and give reliable as well as striking client encounters.

The Microsoft and Salesforce association has been striving to convey an improved and streamlined profitability encounter for your clients. Go along with this integration to take in the most recent advancements, including booking gatherings and making calls from Salesforce with Skype for Business, enhancing email relationship with the new Lightning for Outlook application, getting to SharePoint reports from Salesforce with Files Connect, and increasing new bits of knowledge into the client practices that drive accomplishment by analysing Office 365 and Salesforce utilization information.

1.2+ billion clients around the globe pick Microsoft Office as their essential apparatus for efficiency. Incorporating Salesforce and Office can drive unparalleled encounters for data laborers.

Today we will deal with various aspects of Salesforce and Office 365 integration. The major point which is to be noted here is that you cannot integrate Salesforce and Office 365 using their own APIs. You need a third party intervention or you can say an external app or tool to do it for you.

Advantages of Salesforce and Office 365 Integration

You may be astounded to discover that Office Add-ins can be produced with ANY web innovation and be facilitated anyplace on the planet. So bring your web designer cap and figure out how you can boost your Salesforce and Office ventures with Office Add-ins.

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Lift efficiency by bringing the intensity of the Salesforce Platform to Office 365

The Salesforce mix with Office 365 gives you a chance to encounter Salesforce right in your Office 365. The combination is generally cloud-based with no product to push, introduce, or keep up.

  • Schedule arrangements all the more productively.
  • Be advised when beneficiaries open messages and communicate with substance
  • Schedule messages to send at the best time
  • Save and embed basic expressions easily
  • View custom protest records pertinent to the email chose in Outlook.
  • View all contacts, drives, records, openings, and cases related to messages and arrangements without exchanging among Salesforce and Outlook; your Salesforce information shows up specifically in Outlook.
  • Search and peruse Salesforce records inside Outlook.
  • Create new Salesforce records, including Custom Object records, specifically in Outlook.
  • Add messages and arrangements to Salesforce records in a single tick, notwithstanding when creating messages.
  • Quickly make messages with Salesforce Templates.
  • Manage Salesforce Tasks ideal from Outlook.
  • Sync Contacts and Calendar occasions by empowering Lightning Sync notwithstanding the Outlook joining.

Integration Description using

Need your Office 365 Email and Calendar to converse with Salesforce? gives you a chance to associate Office 365 with Salesforce with no coding by any means.

You can immediately get to leads’ information and trigger messages to new open doors which are appropriate for you from your Office 365 inbox. By interfacing Office 365 with your Salesforce account, you can synchronize all your email discussions, contacts, and schedule occasions crosswise over both the applications. Simply associate your Salesforce and Office 365 records, and let the bots do all the necessary work which is required for you.

Pursue these straightforward strides to incorporate Office 365 and Salesforce in 30 sec.

  1. Login/Signup for to begin utilizing this Integration
  2. Verify your Office 365 and Salesforce inside
  3. Make a Bot utilizing Office 365 and Salesforce Apps.
  4. Setup the Trigger and Action occasions with information mapping you wish in the Bot
  5. Empower it and complete a trial
  6. You’re good to go to see insane mechanization dealing with your Office 365 and Salesforce accounts
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To utilize this reconciliation, you will require access to a Salesforce account with API get to empowered (take note of that the preliminaries don’t have API get to). To make an association, select Sign In. You will be provoked to give your Salesforce login, pursue the rest of the screens to make an association. You’re now prepared to begin utilizing this combination.

Integration Description using Microsoft Azure

All that you need for this process is Office 365 Site, Azure web site, and Salesforce Instance Trial account. Here are the steps that you need to follow-

  • The first requirement is to log in to your Salesforce account. If you do not have one sign up for a trial account.
  • Turn on the Files Connect option in Salesforce
  • Make Auth.Provider in Salesforce
  • Make External Data Source in Salesforce.
  • Agree to accept Office 365 preliminary record.
  • Make a Document Library and transfer Documents.
  • Enroll an APP in Azure website (sign up if not accessible) for Salesforce.
  • Peruse through the Office 365 Documents from Salesforce.

Known Issues and Limitations of Salesforce and Office 365 Integration

There is a limit on the number of fields an inquiry to Salesforce can contain. The limit shifts relying upon the kind of the segments, the number of registered segments, and so forth. When you get an error “Query is either selecting too many fields or the filter conditions are too complicated” it implies that your question surpasses the limit. To evade this, utilization “Select Query” option and determine fields that you truly require.


Integrating Salesforce and Office 365 can give you a functionality that you cannot even begin to imagine. Say bye to hopping between office apps and Salesforce apps and build one strong silo that aligns Salesforce and Office 365.

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