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Successfully implementing CRM solutions for Your Business

Salesforce CRM Software Solution

Enterprises have been longing for a single platform that backs the entire customer journey including marketing, sales as well as customer service. Businesses should be able to communicate effectively with the customers and the platform should cater such requirements since customer experience has become the main priority determining the success or failure of an enterprise. Even the fast changing world of mobile technology and changes in the customer requirements have contributed a lot in forcing businesses to regularly innovate and adapt to the changing business trends. Salesforce CRM system has become the perfect solution for addressing the customer requirements.

At, we strongly attribute the success of CRM solutions to the dedication and organizational efforts of the company we are dealing with. Our services are customer-oriented and are directed to help solve the issues of your customers by providing solutions on an individual basis after understanding their requirements. We leverage the latest cloud technology to resolve all your online CRM software requirements. Our CRM experts have proved their expertise in transforming the way in which you are about to interact with your prospects, customers, partners and employees.

JanBask as a CRM Consulting Company

Our CRM experts engage on in-depth business planning and strategic planning in addition to understanding user engagement across all touch points. This is where JanBask excels as your preferred CRM consulting services company. Benefits are many in implementing CRM solutions for your business. Our doors are open for businesses across various niches and industries irrespective of whether you are running a small business, medium sized business or large business.

CRM sales automation software help you turn digital and thereby reduce the costs associated with your business. It helps you plan tasks ahead of the schedule. The documents and emails can be shared electronically. CRM tool offers a centralized system where in you will be able to get the contact information all in one place which saves time for each employee within your organization. You can focus your business more towards the right audience after understanding their personal marketing data and social insights. .
Salesforce Cosulting

Salesforce CRM Software Solution

Challenges To Overcome with New CRM System

As more number of customers are relying the web, it has become extremely important for the top management to take note of the customer requirements and the ongoing trends. CRM also has a predominant role in resolving some of the common issues faced by you and your company including methods to improve the revenue and profitability, the need for a real-time executive dashboard that provides an overall view of your business, signing up of new customers, sales forecasting as well as the procedure to run effective marketing campaigns. It helps your business to ensure a long-term relationship with customers through effective implementation of CRM solutions.

Once the customer relationship management software is implemented, not necessarily all employees can get adjusted to the new way of work atmosphere quickly. It is up to you or the project manager of your organization to give an introduction about the new CRM systems in the internal training program for new employees. The employees will have to rethink all their routines and work pattern upon successful implementation of CRM online. This can prove to be a huge challenge since you might go through a lot of sceptical opinions and negative attitudes in almost all levels within your organization. There can be instances in which your finance department or sales department would say that everything is working fine with their existing system and would ask for the need of a Salesforce CRM on demand system or you might encounter a situation wherein employees would be of the opinion that they are able to comfortably store the files in folders of Outlook and why opt CRM if they have no difficulty with the existing system. You have to provide awareness to the employees about how CRM implementation can help all the documentation in a single common database owned by your company.
Our Development Process

CRM Evaluation – For Addressing Your CRM System Concerns

If you are not sure about whether Salesforce CRM would be a right fit for your business processes or if you have concerns regarding how your employees would be working with the new Salesforce CRM system before you opt for CRM services from us, our CRM Evaluation will help you give the right answers for your questions.

  •   Map the existing process to Salesforce feature set and identify whether Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited product license would be of help for your business.
  •   Determine the processes within CRM system that are native or requires custom application development.
  •   Make you aware about how marketing, sales, support and lead management functions within Cloud.
  •   You will be taught on how your employees would be interacting with external customers, vendors and partners within Salesforce.
  •  The prospects of a portal or Chatter feature for your company.
  •  Understand what it takes for importing data in to Salesforce including how to prepare the data to be imported in to Salesforce.
  •  Realistic implementation of milestones, training requirements and resources.
CRM Characteristics for Your Business Intensification
Salesforce CRM Solution CRM provides a comprehensive customer management solution for your business.
Salesforce CRM Solution We are proud to be a CRM provider for businesses.
Salesforce CRM Solution Companies can attain enhanced revenue growth through effective customer relationship management.
Salesforce CRM Solution Ability to provide customer-centric solutions.

CRM Implementation Process

Salesforce CRM Solution

Creating a Checklist

The primary objective in CRM implementation would be to create a checklist of customer data that needs to be collected. Secondly, we identify the purpose behind collecting the customer data. For example, if you are running an online shopping store and wish to provide special deals and discounts for customers who are making regular purchases from your website, you have to get the purchase history of each customer before designing the discount packages for individual customers. By customizing the discount packages for such customers, the growth in revenue of your business would touch new heights because of the surprise and excitement they would receive up on getting such discounts.

Salesforce CRM Solution

Analyzing Customer Information

JanBask team are dedicated to put in place a perfect system for identifying and analyzing the new and existing customer information without making it complex for your staffs to assess. We design clear instructions for you including the process of storing information, the procedure of using customer information and members who will be using information. We collect customer information using a number of ways such as seminars, email campaigns, trade shows, call centers and help desks etc. Same data view is assured for all team members within your company. Precise customer prospects and holistic views are available using powerful analytical tools employed by us.

Salesforce CRM Solution

Team Effort

As a proven expert in CRM services, our professionals can tailor the CRM software to perfectly match your business needs and also give adequate training for your staffs which would help them manage and adapt to the new system in an enhanced way. Getting the maximum potential out of contact management software for identifying the customer and prospects depends on how far your organization is able to leverage from it. We suggest you implement techniques such as rewarding your employees by dividing each of the projects in to smaller projects and asking them to achieve a milestone. A team methodology is extremely important in effectively implementing the web CRM solutions in to your business.

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