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JanBask is a reputed IT Consulting Company determined to bring digital transformation to our clients by providing best-in-class Technology Solutioning services. We understand that your business problems are complex; We have the right capabilities and experience to deliver solutions you need to move forward. You achieve the competitive advantage with our best practical and innovative IT Services. As Salesforce partner, we provide the world class Salesforce Implementation and project management services. Our other IT Services includes Cloud Based Solutions, Web Applications, AWS, Salesforce, Big Data Hadoop, Business Intelligence, ERP & CRM Solutions, Data-warehousing, VMware Solutions, Digital Marketing, and Open Source Development.

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No matter how complex the tasks are, we are ready to go the extra mile to deliver the best solutions within the shortest span.

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Instead of performing tasks that are easy, we take our time to perform what we feel is right irrespective of how complex it might be.

Our Services

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud allows smaller and large enterprises to connect with clients and customers efficiently by closing bigger deals quickly in a better way. It provides companies with a complete 360 degree view of their customers. Dynamic real time updates as Reports and informative Dashboards can be obtained from our Sales Cloud services.

Sales Cloud Services

Service Cloud

With customer expectations moving to newer dimensions, personalized service has become an important criterion in managing customer satisfaction. Service Cloud assures best customer service experiences through increased agent productivity, multi-channel service and delivering of amazing customer experiences.

Service Cloud

Business and IT Consulting

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud Services is comprised of planning, personalizing and optimizing the passage of your customers by introducing relevant communications in real-time using a combination of customer data and behaviours. It helps you focus on highly relevant communications that can generate business for your brand.

marketing cloud services

Community Cloud

With Community Cloud services, we help your company create a platform for customers to interact among each other with community software so that service agents can focus exclusively on complex issues. Customers can interact with you by giving direct feedback about the experiences they had using the products or services.

Salesforce community services

Customized Solutions Based on Your Business Need

A cloud service is a great choice in the level of security and management as it allows business to quickly develop through composing new application using prebuilt components. Cloud storage can improve small business owner’s capability to access, share, and protect their company's data, particularly when they have a limited capacity or desire to manage on-site technology resources.

Our cloud computing services come with three different computing service models and they are beneficial for start-ups, small and average sized business because of solutions being less expensive. Some of the built-in cloud services you can harness using Salesforce platform includes Infrastructure Services, Application Services, Operations Services, Platform Services, Touch Services and Social Services. JanBask provides you with a more cost-effective model for development of applications and its delivery.

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CRM solutions have become the perfect solution for addressing the customer requirements. We leverage the latest cloud technology to resolve all your online CRM software requirements. Our CRM experts have proved their expertise in transforming the way in which you are about to interact with your prospects, customers, partners and employees. CRM sales automation software help you turn digital and thereby reduce the costs associated with your business.

As a proven expert in CRM solutions, our professionals can tailor the CRM software to perfectly match your business needs and also give adequate training for your staffs which would help them manage and adapt to the new system in an enhanced way. It helps you plan tasks ahead of the schedule. CRM tool offers a centralized system where in you will be able to get the contact information all in one place which saves time for each employee within your organization.

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A creative solution that is capable of delivering the best business results is what custom application development is all about. Effective customized solutions would not be possible without an integration of two or more technologies and we have developers specialized in multiple technologies such as Salesforce, Java, PHP, Microsoft, native iOS and Android mobile that makes application development utmost unique and efficient for our clients.

Our custom application development services are designed to deliver the needed solutions for your business, which would help you to focus more on the business requirements by improving the speed of deploying application and thereby help your business grow significantly. You will see good returns on your investment with client focussed and result driven solutions from JanBask.

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Our Business and IT consulting services are designed for smaller business that are looking forward for single advisory assignments and large businesses that requires full scale integration projects which supports your continuous planning and functioning process in almost all the levels. JanBask can be a dedicated IT consultant capable of ensuring the transformation of your business vision and strategy in to an effective implementation that can really transform your business.

Business transformations for your customers are enabled by delivering targeted offerings in each and every step of your journey. The approach followed by us includes a combination of rapid iteration and best practice uses to ensure success is achieved within weeks and not months. We help you utilize most out of the investment made in technology without losing sight of even the smallest details.

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Amazon web services or AWS offers loads of benefits for users and can be easily said to be a benchmark achievement with regards to cloud computing. AWS is strategically diversified over different geographical regions. This has been done for minimizing any issues of outages along with ensuring the robustness of systems. We have expert professionals with best industry expertise working for our organization in providing Amazon Web Services for our clients.

When you opt for cloud computing from AWS, the tedious task of taking care of data center operations is eliminated. This leaves you with significant time for concentrating on other important aspects of your business. You can stay focused on business projects and eliminates the need to worry about hassles related to data center management. Cloud operations like AWS provide instant access to computing power over the internet.

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Our Salesforce consulting services are tailored to optimize your business through enhanced efficiency, responsiveness and profitability. Customer experience can be improved dramatically with the presence of an integrated system for marketing, sales, customer services and HR departments within your organization. We help transform your business through successful implementation of our Salesforce consulting services. Salesforce consulting services on offer by us includes Salesforce CRM implementation, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Salesforce Development solutions etc.

We provide innovative, scalable and inexpensive solutions without compromising the quality of service. Best cloud strategy, implementation, integration and support practices to clients have become the benchmark for our services. Through transformational approach, we are serving many business industries. You can leverage our strong infrastructure and Salesforce domain expertise to build, deploy, and manage world class solutions that drives your business growth.

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Salesforce Integration Services

Find how Salesforce Integration can boost your productivity in each of the vital business divisions.
Explore SalesForce Integration

Salesforce & SharePoint

When you use Salesforce much often, you would want all your files in Salesforce itself, right? Using Salesforce Files Connect, you can have all your files from SharePoint 2010/2013/Online account. Moreover, these files are indexed and easily searchable. You can also view them from Salesforce1 mobile app.

Salesforce to ELOQUA

In the era of automation, your marketing efforts should not lag behind. Combine the power of Salesforce CRM and Oracle Marketing Cloud to have a consistent customer experience. With a better understanding of user behavior, you can improve your lead management processes and get higher sales and increased revenue.

Salesforce & Email Apps

Email being the backbone of corporate communications, you need to get more out of email applications. With Salesforce Email Connect, your trusted email app can give you more power to manage customer support requests & create new deals easily. Also all your calendar events would be in sync.

Salesforce & Workday

Visualize the growth potential for your company when you have subscribed to product lines from global leaders in CRM, HCM & Financial Management respectively. The integration between these two would help your Force.com users & Workday users alike. This would result in better financial and operational performance.

Salesforce & Apttus

You might have wonderful product lines and energetic sales team. But how good is your CPQ process? If you are already using Salesforce CRM, then you are one step closer to scale your business. Get Apttus CPQ to minimize errors, consolidate sales process, and increase profitability with lesser involvement from your IT team.

Salesforce & ETL Tools

For data driven businesses which use Salesforce, choosing the right ETL tool is a very important task in itself. Whether it is Apex data loader or Talend Open Studio or Informatica Power Center or Pentaho Community/Enterprise Edition, we can help you select the right one by balancing a host of factors.

Generating Quality Leads with Salesforce Pardot

B2B marketing automation software comprised of lead generation tools for keeping the pipeline completely engaged with steady flow of high-quality leads. With Salesforce Pardot, each of the emails can be specifically delivered to target audience, the deliverability rates can be optimized and the success rate of email content can be tested. Your business can significantly utilize the maximum using the powerful email marketing feature from Salesforce Pardot.

Salesforce Paradot Services
Force.com Application Development

Force.com platform allows you to build custom applications using Salesforce. We harness the potential of Force.com in tailoring apps that are innovative in solving your business requirements and thereby speeding up the work flows. Merits of Force.com include ability to launch apps quickly without any hardware or installation, customizing the apps to fit your business processes, moving your business to mobile with mobile compatible apps and also the ability it provides to collaborate securely.

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Salesforce Release Management

Optimization of resource utilization and attaining good business value through consistent set of reliable resources remains the main objective of Release Management solutions from JanBask. The relevance of release management has improved dramatically, ever since most of the businesses began focussing more on shorter and profitable business projects. It has become a necessity to utilize the potential of native Salesforce tools for Release Management; most importantly Sandboxes and Cloud deploy sets or change sets.

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Do you feel like your business requires custom application?

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Increase customer engagement and satisfactions in commercial banking with Salesforce platform

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