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CRM stands for customer relationship management system and when any business is planning to use it either a start-up or an existing one, they should know that what this system exactly is? CRM is basically a practice to analyze and manage customer interaction, their feedback, and accounts.

The ultimate goal of any CRM is long-term customer retention and improved management of customer relationship.  Salesforce is a leading proprietary and popular CRM software for all size companies ranging from start-ups to enterprises. Now in this article, we will explain what CRM is and why Start-ups needs a CRM system and the benefits which they can reap from CRM.

Introduction to CRM

As it is clear that CRM is a powerful CRM and it helps the business organizations in many ways. Like the following:

  • To understand the point of view of thecustomer
  • To manage thesales process and customer services
  • To keep track of business process progress either by using any tool like mobile or PC

Salesforce CRM

CRM system has many components which can be beneficial for the organizations. It can manage the customer information and since the system is completely automatic so the user can never miss any important benchmark or information ever. Smart apps of CRM can help the organization in intelligently managing and configuring the data. CRM system can not only manage the customer information instead it can also manage marketing, sales and service processes of the organization.

It is quite obvious that CRM system can be the backbone of any organization. The features and apps provided by the CRM software cannot only alienate business processes but also help in increasing the ROI of the organization.

Why Start-up Needs CRM?

Any start-up or enterprise use CRM to streamline its business process. Unlike pen paper, a CRM can make the organizational work easier and faster. As any start-up will not always be a start-up and the time when it will get more opportunities for 100 annual opportunities then the manual process may become inefficient. A CRM can provide you a platform with the help of which you can quickly organize and analyze your data. Businesses can identify their opportunities and manage them.

CRM is not only a platform but provides many functionalities under a roof including dashboards, inventory and sales reports generation, generating invoices, managing sales orders, a platform to communicate with their clients and partners easily and at anytime. CRM platforms make the information access smoother and quicker.

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Being a start-up, your goal is to find your potential customers and to retain them for the long term. Many companies have shown great growth after installation of a Salesforce CRM. It lowers the operational cost and helps in generating more leads over the time.

Salesforce is quite affordable CRM and can be integrated with lots of third-party software. Higher reach-ability can also be ensured by CRM and the sales team can focus on generating leads. So, in short, we can say that CRM can help the organizations in many ways including decision-making process of managers.

Organizations are attaining their goals with the help of CRM as they can store data and manage the customer information with it. They can also manage interactions and get ahead of their competitors. Following benefits can be leveraged by CRM:

1). Managed Customer Interaction

Customer interaction management is crucial and the key factor in the success of any organization. Start-ups must be able to manage their customer relationship either a new one or an older one. CRM here can help you in understanding your customer expectation and interest and you can provide the appropriate service in this way.

For any start-up making new customers and maintaining their trust is equally important. At the early stage of their business, they can get positive and negative both types of feedback from their customers. So, in any situation, you must be able to satisfy the need of your customer.

CRM provides you control on data and customer interaction so this task becomes quite easy. Your customer service representative can easily access the customer information and provide them efficient services.

2). Improved Scalability

For any start-up one of the major issues is to handle scalability and CRM helps in improving the scalability of the organizations. Even as per Salesforce report 70% of start-ups struggle with scalability issues as the inability to handle the increased number of customers and orders with a same limited number of resources. At this point, you must be able to handle customer communication and requirement without compromising the quality of service.

Here technology can help you in saving your time spent on customer interaction and communication. Email communications and sales interactions can help you to grow even with the limited resources. Start-ups can nurture their customer needs and at the same time focus on their product.

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3). Save Time and Money

For a number of tasks, start-ups may need more time to manage their tasks. Even to manage a number of the task they invest a large amount of money without getting ROI. CRM software not only speed up the processes by providing information timely or as and when required but also save money by automating a number of organizational processes.   For start-ups, it is quite crucial to saving time and money to achieve their goals n timely manner.

Services Offered by Salesforce for Start-ups

Now you might have known that how important a CRM is for your start-up and what the benefits you can reap from this leveraging software. Salesforce has a wide portfolio and applications. The company provides three update releases every year. Salesforce has a number of organizational beneficial services, features and applications like Sales and service cloud, App Exchange and Lightning like Platforms. These platforms have many capabilities and its sales and service clouds can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

Salesforce Sales cloud makes the customer communication easier and helps the sales reps in generating and increasing the leads. As per the Company, it can improve the sales by 32% and the user can easily implement planning and improve ROI.

Service cloud of Salesforce can help in providing managed and customer-oriented services to their client. Reps can also track the customer communication and the service provided to them. Service communities help them to communicate with their customers and resolve their issue if they found any.

In this way, Salesforce provides many services which can not only improve the organizational performance but also provide a smarter platform to execute all of your organizational business operations. Salesforce is a cost-effective and technically smart platform. Organizations can implement it even in a customized manner and it can provide them optimized service as well.

Final Words

Salesforce helps the organizations and startups in building new relationships with their clients and in displaying a broad and improved image of their organization. Any startup company can run smoothly and efficiently by the implementation of Salesforce CRM.

Here, you have seen the benefits of Salesforce CRM but these are not limited you can get many benefits from this. Startups can easily improve their performance and increase profit percentage by a little investment done on CRM. By automating their task, they can achieve their goals easily.

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