How To Revolutionize the Business with Salesforce and Force Cloud Solutions


The cloud computing based brought another platform known as the in the market as its own competitor in guise. The function of the new platform is for the commercial developers to design applications based on cloud computing. The additional feature of applications made by the tools of is that they could also function with CRM applications.

What is

In 1999 Sean Parker and Benioff created Cloud CRM software, however they wanted the customer to use its tools via internet or through Cloud, without the glitches of installation, up-gradation or the hustle of maintenance.

  • This made the use of business applications easier and convenient for the customers. The businesses could now focus on the prime task at hand instead of supporting, upgrading and maintaining the servers.
  • The initiated as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) later enabled the customers to design customized business processes on Cloud.
  • Finally advanced to Platform as cloud thereby allowing the customers to maintain, write and host via application without involving any software.


What is

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It was service vendor that had created, which is basically a product platform to develop mobile and social apps. Just like the, also created other cloud development platforms such as Heroku.

Difference Between the Two

  • From a technical point of view and are quite interchangeable, However the difference lies in the semantics of the marketing.
  • The users who want to avail a complete access to the standardized cloud CRM would opt for the Salesforce license. However, the users with a user license would provide them with limited access to the apps that are standard.

How do they help in the growth of a business?

  • The easy applicability is the prime feature of the and its other products. they are designed in a way that they could be used in any and every kind of business of any respective industry. The names of the tabs can be customized to suit the need of each user depending on the way they want it to be.
  • Most of the time is wasted in the business enterprises in tracking and locating data and information that are often saved in the form of spreadsheets, documents, emails or in other form. The Cloud computing solutions allow to store the data in a classified mode so that no data is lost, jumbled or displaced.
  • One of the most interesting feature of is Chatter, which can be accessed for free just like using Facebook, however the only difference between Facebook and Chatter is that not only can you follow other people but documents, the status of a deal or anything that is important. The Salesforce, cloud CRM solution makes it secure to access data on Chatter.
  • Finally enables the user to connect or integrate with the applications that they rely upon, such as ; Integrating with applications used for emailing like Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo; They can be integrated with various apps offered by Google that are used for creation of documents, presentations or spreadsheets; Or they can be integrated with more acutely used apps such as the back-office apps of accounting etc.
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