The Business value of .NET Application Development


Discussing the benefits of .net apps for your business is all about Payback and .net framework helps in lower deployment, maintenance, or development costs over the long run.

Businesses today are looking for IT companies that can help them in increasing revenues and decrease the overall costs of a project. If there is some IT company that is not able to align with business goals then it is over. The most important step here is to decide on the right technology to start the application development work. The technology selection not only helps in developing robust apps but reduces overall expenses related to the application. The answer to the confusion is Dotnet Framework to complete this job efficiently.

In this article, we will present an overview of .Net Framework, ROI calculation, .net and ROI, major benefits of .net applications for your business etc.

The topics to be covered in the article include –

  • A quick overview of .Net Framework
  • ROI Calculation
  • Dotnet and ROI
  • Major Benefits for your Business

Dot net is a powerful strategy that helps businesses to derive next-gen apps. Let us evaluate step by one how Dot net will help your business in more interesting ways.

A quick overview of Dot Net Framework

Microsoft .Net Framework is a powerful choice that was discovered to deal with multiple problems that are faced by businesses during application development. The major problems that were reported by most of the businesses include – longer development times, scalability, flexibility, security, and cost of ownership etc. Before we explain the major benefits of .net for your business, this is necessary to understand the basics of the platform first.  Here, is a list of application that can be developed using .net framework for enterprises.

Types of Applications You Can Create with .NET

  • Customer relationship management
  • Accounting applications
  • Product/inventory applications
  • Warehousing applications using hand-held devices
  • Websites
  • Value chain/supply management
  • Integration with partners through the Internet
  • XML Web services
  • PDA (hand-held) applications
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ROI Calculation – “This is all about Payback”

When any business undertakes a software project, he focuses two things – how long will it take in completing the project and what is the approximate return on investments? This is called the ROI (Return on investment) hen managed effectively increases revenues and decreases the overall operational costs for a business.

How should ROI be calculated? This is an important question to answer and businesses need to calculate ROI for a project in advance to achieve the business goals. The common formula for ROI calculation used by enterprises is –

There are other techniques too but we have given a simple example to make the ROI calculation easy for you.

How can .NET help with ROI?

This is an important question how dot net and ROI is connected and how it can help any IT organization in becoming more efficient. First of all, Microsoft has invented the phenomenon of reusable components that make development easier and faster. It takes less time to translate the code. Also, dotnet programmers don’t have to spend efforts in writing code.

When app development is faster then the overall cost would also be manageable that leads to higher ROI and quick payback time. It signifies that Dot net Framework always takes less time in app development and helps your Company in increasing revenues and decreases costs. In the next section, we will discuss major benefits of .net for your business in detail.

Major benefits of .net app development for your Business

  • Scalability – An important reason how it helps business with ROI is scalability. A business starts smaller but grows quickly. This is the reason why every business needs a platform that is scalable and helps to add products or services quickly.
  • Affordable Maintenance – With the .net framework, the maintenance of an app is easier and the overall maintenance costs are low due to configuration setting where you have to write minimal code only.
  • Faster Deployment – As discussed earlier, it takes less time to develop an application sue to reusable concepts that accelerated deployment rate too.
  • Reliable Platform – The Dot net framework has a reliable and robust programming engine that is suitable for production applications and makes chances application failure to the minimum.
  • Security – The platform has inbuilt security features that are taken as primary requirements for any business. Adding extra security features to your app can be very costly for a business and sometimes it results in application failing too.
  • Platform Independent Apps – Every business needs platform independent apps that are compatible with multiple platforms and this objective can be achieved with the help of .net apps in the IT world.
  • Robust Architecture – Dot net framework has a service-oriented architecture that helps you to connect with your customer in best possible ways and increases the overall effectiveness of a business application.
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This article discussed in detail how Dot net can help your business apps succeeded and offer an amazing ROI (Returns on Investment). You also know how .NET framework will lower down your development costs, maintenance costs and deployments cost too over the long run. Many Companies are already using dot net for app development and other are planning to switch to the platform soon. The .net implementation is the right step towards your success and helps your Company in getting all the benefits right away.

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