Migration of Establishments Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) from Lotus Notes to Force.com
This white paper provides a detailed study about the reasons and advantages of migration of corporations Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) from IBM Lotus Notes to Force.com.Today’s stimulating economic e
Benefits Of On-premise CRM To Salesforce Migration
This white paper includes the On-premise CRM Salesforce migration for the organizations. From a number of point of views like maintenance, cost, configuration, ease of use and others. Janbask can prov
Why CRM System is Essential for Salesforce Automation?
This whitepaper will provide an observation that why CRM system is very important for sales force automation. By financing in an online CRM system, you can bring your sales, marketing, support and
How Collaborative Analytics Can Give Modern Establishments a Viable Gain?
This whitepaper will provide an observation that what makes the new Collaborative Analytics approach exceptional, and shows how it can help establishments to accomplish their corporate objectives by e
Your Lead Nurturing Success Kit: Using Pardot To Become An Invincible Marketer
This Whitepaper discusses about how Pardot and Salesforce are complementary to each other. Both of them can help any business reach its full sales and marketing potential, when used optimally.
A Best Practice Guide To Consolidate Multiple Salesforce Orgs
The purpose of this Whitepaper is to help you meet the Salesforce Multi-Org challenge. It resolves the issue of “SaaS silos” which outlinesdispersed instances of Salesforce, or a similar cloud app

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