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Salesforce For Nonprofit

Get hold of Relationships that are worthy for your Non-Profit Organization

"Fund raising, Donor Management, Volunteer Management, Program Management, Case Management, Community Outreach, Impact Analysis, Case Management, Events Management, Student Services, Alumni Relations, Recruiting & Admissions and Mobile App Development; If you are a non-profit, then there is least doubt that Salesforce for Non-Profits has become inevitable for you when it comes to offering you with a single view of the client interactions or interactions with supporters, volunteers, members and affiliates."

Improving the Resources

With Salesforce for Non-Profits from JanBask, your organization will be offered a complete 360 view of the interactions that occurs among a funder or volunteer. Thus the donor relationships can be improved substantially and the donation cycle from pledge to payment can be managed effectively. It is designed to offer you with a collaborative, social and mobile experience that is expected by the donors nowadays.

Best-In-Class Services

Time is very important for your staffs and we understand it better. Salesforce for non-profits ensure better management of program and services through quick installation of social and mobile apps, thus ensuring the streamlining of manual processes and reducing the use of paper. It helps your users to spend more time in delivering programs of the highest quality rather than spending too much time on administration.

Engage in Effective Communication

With the growing interest towards mobile devices and social networks, CRM for non-profits can help you communicate effectively by presenting the causes among others with limited resources at the same time powered by a solid social and efficient email marketing strategy. Powerful email marketing tools from Salesforce can help you to engage in online fund raising through tailored and professional-looking emails. Email scheduling, SPAM analysis and email authentication are other benefits to name among a few. Other features include mobile marketing and social media engagement.

Drive the Social Change

The purpose of your non-profit organization can be aligned and accelerated through enhanced collaboration between staff, members, volunteers as well as other supporters through a non-profit CRM. It offers a secured environment for creating communities of interest and thereby driving significant social change. Social Intranets provides timely updates on donations, contacts and campaigns by means of providing a collaborative workspace for non-profit rather than depending up on email chains. The right people could be provided access to the needed information through role-based sharing and permissions.

Are you aware what Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity and Campaign refer to in Salesforce for Non-Profits?

“Each Salesforce terms has its own meaning when it comes to Non-Profits. ‘Lead’ signifies client prospect or donor prospect whereas ‘Contact’ can refer to a Donor, Volunteer and Client etc. ‘Account’ relates to Organization, company or a partner whereas ‘Opportunity’ in a Non-Profit refers to donation, grant, membership or a class. Finally ‘Campaign’ refers to an event, fundraising or a volunteer project. “

How your Non-Profit organization can benefit from us?
We offer product support for non-profits in a wide range of categories namely,

  •  General Consulting
  •  Planning of the implementation process
  •  Enhanced Configuration
  •  Improved Customization
  •  Analytics
  •  Best-in-Class End-User Training
Salesforce CRM for Nonprofit
Delivering Best Practices and Contributing Fresh Perspectives

“Gathering goals and unique requirements from your non-profit organization, contributing fresh perspectives, helping non-profits to manage the work without any additional help or ensuring success by avoiding solutions that are complex, JanBask implements the best practices which would help you achieve results beyond expectations.”

Enhanced alignment of Scope and Communication Preferences

  •  Understanding the goals, objectives and information from the non-profit
  •  Improved clarity about what could be done and what could not be done
  •  Acceptance on deliverables

Making you understand non-profit beyond the Project
If you have the willingness to learn, we are ready to give you as much knowledge as we can about how Salesforce could benefit non-profits such as you. Our Salesforce professionals will help make you understand the applications of Salesforce for non-profits beyond the project. Furthermore fresh perspectives would be contributed and feedback is also encouraged from you for making future improvements.

Sustainable Efforts
Ensuring the non-profits such as you are able to sustain without our assistance once the project we undertake has been completed remains among one of our most important sustainable efforts.

Improved Success
Complex solutions are always avoided as far as possible and we never commit on a project once we identify that we would not be able to complete it. In such cases, communication is established by us with you and thereby encouraging you to find another volunteer for ensuring more success for your non-profits and its cause.

Pre-Configuring Salesforce for Your Non-Profit with Non-Profit Starter Pack

“One of the most sought after applications in Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Salesforce Non-Profit Starter Pack has been designed as an app that pre-configures Salesforce for non-profits and thereby making the lives of non-profits simpler and easier than ever before.”

Non-Profit Starter Pack is tailored to effectively manage individual donors in addition to donations, relationships, memberships as well as company affiliations. Recurring gifts and payments could also be created and managed by making use of Non-Profit Starter Pack. At JanBask, we provide a unique and personalized experience that has been specifically tailored for you by helping you with the installation of Non-Profit Starter Pack for effectively managing the objectives of your non-profit organization.

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