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Initiating An Action-Oriented Community

Community Cloud, online community software by Salesforce helps engage your customers, employees and partners by giving them access to your experts, information and applications within their fingertips. Channel sales can be significantly improved with the direct interaction enabled by community cloud between you, your customers and employees. New leads can be generated, records can be updated and funds can be managed efficiently using this new software technology.
“SFDC Communities” enables branded social networks across employees extending the Salesforce1 platform architecture and the Chatter Social Network. We provide a comprehensive set of services that help your company design, deploy, enhance, grow and support online social communities connecting customers, channel partners with their internal employees. A typical Salesforce Community implementation includes below services;

Salesforce Community Design:

  •  Understanding the business need connecting Salesforce communities
  •  Working Session to indentify outline partner experience model, brand objectives, and map internal organization structure and business processes together.
  •  Approach to connect Systems of Records “ERP, CRM, PRM” and Engagement Systems which is your community.
  •  Documentation entire business process, approach, and architecture.
  •  Content, Libraries, Approval Process, and Knowledge Management
  •  Salesforce Security Model and Single Sign On (SSO)

Salesforce Community Implementation:

  •  Migration Planning and execution to Communities via transition process for existing Salesforce Customer and Partner Portal users.
  •  Salesfocre OOB Features, Configuration, Customization involving content, integration with external social media and internal systems of record, security model, and Reports & Dashboards.
  •  Plan Communities Success Matrices
  •  Perform Analysis on Community Participation and Engagement Levels.
  •  External Social Media Management & Community Dashboard Integration.

Engaging a Broad Ecosystem

A broad ecosystem remains the key to the success of a business. We at JanBask believe that a community cloud ecosystem includes customers, agencies, vendors, suppliers, employees, resellers, retailers and brokers.

Salesforce Community Cloud
Instant Access

Community Cloud, online community software by Salesforce helps engage your customers, employees and partners by providing access to your experts, information and applications within fingertips. Channel sales are significantly improved through direct interaction enabled by community cloud between you, your customers and employees. New leads can be generated, records can be updated and funds can be managed efficiently using Community Cloud services from JanBask.

Customer Interactions

Community Cloud is a platform wherein customers interact among each other with community software, so that the service agents can focus exclusively on complex issues. Customers can interact with you by giving direct feedback about their experiences with your products or services. It enables your employees to utilize the power of salesforce online community software by producing social and mobile branded employee communities.

Seamless Collaboration

With Community Cloud services from JanBask, you can create a community to satisfy your business requirements such as coordinating with any members of your business ecosystem such as agencies, vendors, students, job applicants etc; whom you feel can have a vital role in ensuring the success of your business. You can establish a seamless collaboration throughout your company by creating customized communities that can integrate and simplify your business processes.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Business Integration Solutions

Business integration is a key feature in Community Cloud which connects business processes ranging from sales, marketing, and service to supply chain and product development. Status updates and fund approvals can be enabled using this business integration software. Records or any custom objects such as sales opportunities, contacts, campaigns and support cases can be integrated efficiently. By generating publisher actions and feeds, the processes can be moved directly by the members from the community. Data can be also integrated easily from a third-party system.


Community Cloud recommends resources and suggests connections to groups, experts and content based on the specific interest of the users. This helps in deeper and active participation for members with the communities. You can provide a personalized feed for the customers by choosing the relevant content from the community. A detailed view of community members is also available using Community Cloud.

Community Cloud: Linking the Entire Business

With Community Cloud, we help you join the entire business through,

  •   Improved Channel Sales.
  •   Broadening Business Process.
  •   Understanding the customer preferences.
  •   Customers can help among themselves by coordinating using Community Cloud.
  •   A neatly aligned business ecosystem
Salesforce Community Cloud
Accessing Community Cloud through Salesforce1 Mobile App

With Salesforce1 mobile app especially tailored for businesses to collaborate anywhere using mobile device, you can also access community from both Salesforce1 mobile app and mobile browser. Thus you can experience a branded device-experience with Community Cloud product in mobile devices. You can also create customized apps for your business using Salesforce1 mobile SDK.

Community Builder

Create a community in no time using community templates and builders without any need for coding or IT. A significant number of top-class frameworks are available for creating a branded mobile-optimized community within the shortest span. The mobile-optimized community can be customized further for generating a look that signifies your brand identity. Rapid setting up of communities and single login access makes Community Builder one of the major highlights of Community Cloud.


Community Cloud is more than just a social platform for businesses with a one-stop solution for providing customers with e-commerce solutions too. The existing e-commerce platform can be integrated with the communities to enhance the customer interaction by helping users to research and purchase products from a social environment itself.

Topics Pages

Topics Pages in Community Cloud is a collection of the most relevant and updated content on a specific topic that has been discussed within the community. Any member can navigate towards the topics pages to know more about the relevant posts and answers along with suggestions for files, groups and other resources that is related to the specific topic. Members can also follow the topics of interest by staying up to date with the latest employee discussions as well as resources. More importantly, new topics pages would be automatically generated whenever a new topic comes up for discussions by the members within Community Cloud.

Salesforce Files

No need for employees to search around and waste time for searching the files they need. Salesforce Files allows the files to be placed on groups, account records, service cases and marketing campaigns which would make them productive in the way they engage in marketing and servicing. Files can be securely synced and shared across any mobile devices thus giving enhanced access for the files from anywhere.Files Connect feature allows SharePoint files to be quickly connected towards the Salesforce business processes by the customers. Salesforce Files are readily available and are comprised of secure characteristics which help you to engage with all your files from anywhere.


We help you gain the following benefits using Actions feature in Community Cloud. • Actions could be taken right from the community feed. • Integrate third-party apps to your business processes. • A simple drop-down menu for placing publisher actions towards the top of the feed. • Custom actions are created and deployed instantly across any mobile device using Salesforce Community Cloud.

Community Groups

Online community management in the organization can effectively function with the help of Community Groups. It provides a clear structure to the discussions and activities by helping you create separate groups for an upcoming event, your team, for a new account or campaign. Once a group is created, files and integrated videos can be shared with ease. Even private groups can be created which enables you to discuss topics that will not be visible for the rest of the members within the community.

Salesforce Community Cloud

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