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Sales & Service Cloud – Defining Future Business Solutions

Implementing Salesforce ® in a proper manner can be complex, time-taking and expensive. JanBask is a company having deep expertise in delivering quality Salesforce Consulting services with specialization in offering Sales Cloud and Service Cloud solutions. Services are quick and cost-effective, at the same time providing enhanced attention towards minimizing the risk factors. Sales Cloud provides users within your organization everything they need to collaborate and close the deals faster. Service Cloud provides round the clock customer service for customers and thereby addressing their issues by providing them with the right answers at the right time.

Our Cloud Services

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud allows smaller and large enterprises to connect with their clients and customers efficiently by closing bigger deals quickly in a better way. It provides companies with a complete 360 degree view of their customers, future prospects, upcoming leads and sales-pipeline insights and thereby helping them to harness every single opportunity that is generated. Companies can receive dynamic real time updates as Reports and informative Dashboards without relying on time consuming methodologies such as tracking spreadsheets or sticky notes with Sales Cloud solutions.

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Service Cloud

With customer expectations moving to newer dimensions, personalized service has become an important criterion in managing customer satisfaction. Service Cloud assures best customer service experiences through increased agent productivity, multi-channel service and improved customer experiences. Service Cloud provides round the clock customer service for customers and thereby addressing their issues by providing them with the right answers at the right time.

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How We Evaluate and Deliver Your Requirements?

We will work with you to evaluate your existing business practices and systems, recommend courses of action, develop practices and create a Salesforce Consulting strategy.

Sales & Service Cloud Set-Up:

We will configure and customize Salesforce to support your everyday business process needs. This may include – using maximum OOB features, customizing Standard Objects based on the technical design & Data Model, Record Types, Validation Rules, Email templates, Record Sharing Features, Live Agent, Service Cloud Console setup, workflows and approval automation process. We will create highly effective custom reports and dashboards to give you better insight into your day to day business.

Custom Development:

Initially we work with you to perform detailed requirements analysis, gap analysis, feasibility studies, and cost analysis of the platform. Once the requirements are captured, we perform technical design sessions in order to best utilize OOB features of Salesforce. We also prototype the application for user feedback on functionality features, usability, and to validate application design approach.

Data Migration/Updates:

Initially we work with you to perform detailed Data Analysis, and then perform data migration or updates services that include data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization and validation, and import into Salesforce.

UAT & End User Training:

After the application is developed, and tested. We facilitate User Acceptance Testing along with training the Users. We create Training Manuals which help for future training for new users and related references.

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