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Development Process: How We Do It?

We are in an era where efficient IT solutions have become a prerequisite for businesses. Many businesses were able to successfully run their businesses using the latest software technology with the help of qualified IT consultants from JanBask.

Our development model is primarily based on building a strong foundation for our customers. Our team is guided by highly skilled project managers who train our development team with the best practices in software development life cycles and project management. Initially, we begin the project by creating a foundation phase in which our team would closely coordinate with you to find out your expectation from the project.

JanBask understand the importance of delivering the end product for your business right on time and at the right cost, since software delivered late or at a too high cost is a failed project from our perspective. Our estimates are progressively refined to suit your budget and business necessities, so that you and your business can be in complete control while determining your own priorities.

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Unique Software Development Model for Your Business

There is a greater need for creating innovative and a renewed business solution that satisfies client requirements effectively. For being more innovative and creative, we follow a unique development model to resolve any complex issues you might have, and deliver the best end product for your business. Our focal point in each and every stages of the project is to bring down uncertainty and move ahead with the development process with a clear and accurate sense of business objectives.

Proposal & Foundation

Planning phase is the first among what we do. Here we work towards understanding your project vision and purpose. We will engage in effective conversations with you to get a sense of your project expectations and where you want your business to be in the next few years.
If proposal phase was all about a brief outline of your project, foundation stage is a detailed outline of your project requirements. In this stage, JanBask really get in to business by creating a framework for the perfect software solution. We will constantly stay in touch with your organization and its team members to determine the process improvements that are required for your business and methods to be followed for addressing the adoption and rollout plans.

Design aspects followed during the development process includes,

  •  Comparison between Native and Custom.
  •  Experience of users.
  •  System Impact.
  •  Boundary systems.
  •  Extent of efforts taken.
Agile Development

We engage in Agile Iterations combined with Sprints as per your business requirements to ensure that your business sees the evolution of software and also how it can be used or adjusted to the course of action as the software evolves. This helps us to deliver custom software that really proves to be helpful for your customers with better visibility and risk reduction.

Development stage is where we customize solutions for your business requirements. Regular meeting would be conducted with you to manage the visibility and control of the application/software being developed and include the changes during the development phase itself. Development phase is mostly about coding and you as our valuable client will have complete control to the code, development servers and project management tools.

custom software development
Review & Deployment

After the development is complete; quality assurance testers ensure the bug free application/module launce by various testing techniques, which can include manual as well as automation form depending on the business needs. Before deployment, we will review for,

  •  Unit Testing & System Testing
  •  Regression & Integration Testing
  •  Data Driven Testing
  •  Quick Demos for Best User Experience
  •  User Acceptance Testing for the Smooth Launch

We believe in providing sufficient time before rolling out system to production. A clear plan is always a necessity to avoid any data migration issues or server related issues that might arise unexpectedly. With the years of experience for creating and deploying custom software for businesses, we know the importance of getting the deployment right for the success of your business.

Support & Maintenance

Business solutions do not stop with project completion. With respect to time, the technology evolves and the business process should adapt to the changing trends.

  •  Supporting new production defect Tickets.
  •  Existing Application Daily Tickets
  •  Following Escalation Process
  •  Quick Demos for Best User Experience
  •  Meeting the SLA criteria for daily cases

We provide continued support for our existing and prospective clients for the projects that have been deployed by us and help you to continuously modify the custom software to suit your business requirements. .

Optimizing Your Business Process

After analyzing what works for your custom-crafted implementation, we help you craft IT solutions exactly as you need with the deep knowledge of our experts in understanding the product-side of techology used along with the product-side of custom development. Thus JanBask helps in effective optimization of your business processes.

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Salesforce Configuration

JanBask is also a reputed company offering Salesforce development services in addition to web development, web design, digital marketing and mobile application development services. Once the goals and processes are clearly understood, configuration would be performed by JanBask to meet your requirements. Instead of making changes to a live system, we recommend making use of a Sandbox which would help test and approve new features and avoid any mistakes that can prove to be costly once the system is live. With efficient custom development practices in place, our certified experts who are highly capable specialists in custom development and integration deploy the best Salesforce solutions for your business. Our certified experts include business analysts, architects, developers and project managers.

Helping Your Team Adapt to Salesforce

JanBask work towards making Salesforce more than just a successful technology by ensuring the product is successful among your employees, customers and partners. We are ready to help you slowly adapt the change towards Salesforce CRM through a change management plan for your business other than hosting webinars, creating video instructions and preparing a curriculum based coaching for users on new Salesforce business processes.

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