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Our Consulting Services Drive - Innovation, Leadership, And Transformation
Transforming your Business

JanBask let you deliver value ahead of your intended goals by enabling some of the proven best practices for your organization beginning from creating your foundational architecture to rapid deployment. Business transformations for your customers are enabled by delivering targeted offerings in each and every step of your journey.

IT should be capable of meeting the demands of your business and JanBask make IT move quickly to meet your demands. The approach followed by us includes a combination of rapid iteration and best practice uses to ensure success is achieved within weeks and not months.

At JanBask, we deeply value the necessities of users, processes and technology to be in close coordination with each other for meeting the strategic goals of your organization. We help you utilize most out of the investment made in technology without losing sight of even the smallest details.

Top-class IT consultants to Resolve Your Business Challenges

In the current era, technology remains the driving factor behind the growth of business like yours and in creating efficient processes that plays a vital role in providing improved productivity. Our company has years of industry expertise in resolving your business challenges based on your specific business necessities once we understand the functioning of your business, recommendations by asking you the right questions and also being an active listener to all your requirements.

A full range of IT and business consulting services are offered for you by bringing together all the needful factors that help create a successful service portfolio. Your business strategy would be met in the right direction by our certified IT consultants at JanBask. You will be in constant communication with our project management and program management experts who will guide you through an implementation process that is smoother and successful.

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Services We Offer

Our Business and IT consulting services are designed for smaller business that are looking forward for single advisory assignments and large businesses that requires full scale integration projects which supports your continuous planning and functioning process in almost all the levels. JanBask can be a dedicated partner capable of ensuring the transformation of your business vision and strategy in to an effective implementation that can really transform your business.

Our IT Consulting Services

  • Consulting
  •  Big Data Hadoop
  •  Business Intelligence,
  •  ERP & CRM Solutions
  •  Data-warehousing
  •  Web & Mobile Applications
  •  VMware Solutions
  •  Digital Marketing Solutions

Our Mechanism

IT Consulting at JanBask typically involves the following systematic procedure.

  •  Quick Beginning - Training, knowledge transfer, production-ready for initial use cases
  •  Roadmap - Use cases review, requirements review, initial architecture and design
  •  Assessment - Evaluation of high-level architecture, blueprint for enablement
  •  Architecture Review - Risk analysis, gap assessment, new findings, and recommendations document
  •  Evaluation - Determining enterprise capabilities to improve ROI, assessing current deployment risks, creating a timeline for moving to Enterprise, determining the investment costs
  •  Review - Deployment review, risk analysis, new findings and recommendations document

Harnessing Cloud Technologies

Analyzing complex situations, creating effective solutions and implementing those solutions quickly in a cost-effective way is made possible by incorporating technical knowledge and business expertise with our complete range of IT consulting services. Both technology and management consulting professionals at JanBask carries several years of industry expertise with deep industry knowledge in delivering the latest IT solutions for clients and thereby consistently receiving industry recognition. At JanBask, we help you with digital solutions that help your organization harness the cloud technologies and thereby provide you more time to spend on innovation instead of solely focusing on the business aspects due to limited time and resources.

Cloud technologies help you save time and resources by,

  •  Quick and easier integration of systems
  •  Reducing the system deployment to be completed within weeks
  •  Secure connection of the systems
it consulting services

Our cloud technology solutions are tailored to enhance the productivity of your business processes and streamline your business operations. We thrive towards achieving a competitive advantage for your organization through our practical and innovative solutions that are based on achievable goals.

Application Management Services

Better business results could be obtained for your business with our application management services that are designed to overcome the challenges through improved application performance. The application management services are designed to suit your IT and business objectives with the help of flexible structure we offer for you to modify the application management services.

Digital Services

Our digital marketing services are designed to encourage your customers to engage with your brand in an enhanced way than ever before. You can expect more loyal customers for your brand with our digital marketing services. We redefine your business vision through our creative and digital capabilities.

Our Digital Offerings Include:

  •  Digital marketing
  •  Digital Strategy
  •  Digital Agency
  •  Customer engagement solutions
  •  Enterprise digital engagement
Systems Integration

We know how difficult it is to convince your partners, suppliers, clients and staffs within your own organization to adapt and utilize the power of emerging technologies. At JanBask, our consultants will manage the complexity factor and effectively engage in,

  •  Systems development
  •  Platform integration
  •  Program management
  •  Testing services
Information Management

Your business challenges will be solved by converting your data in to actionable information that will help your organization to gain advantage while forecasting, planning, regulatory, compliance and business performance. An integrated approach is what we follow during our information management services.

Our specialization in information management services include:

  •   Business Intelligence
  •  Data Warehousing
  •   Enterprise data management
  •   Performance management technology
CRM Solutions

Implementation of new CRM technology can be more challenging than you might think. Our CRM consultants will help you identify the best solution for your company after presenting a number of choices before you to avail upon. JanBask’s experience in Salesforce CRM implementation begins from very basic standard deployment to configurations that are complex. This is applicable even for custom development that includes automation, dashboards and system integration. It does not matter how complex are your requirements, we deliver the needed solutions that are configured to satisfy your unique requirements.

A perfect blueprint would be put in place for your business which includes,

  •  Meeting the Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
  •  Automating Key Business Processes
  •  Implementing Best Practices
  •  Meeting the Distinct Needs of Your Company by Configuring Solutions

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