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Amazon Web Services: Next Generation of Cloud Computing

amazon web cloud services

Cloud computing has taken the technology world by storm right from its inception. It renders unlimited, pay as per use and high availability storage, across the globe, just by some clicks. All this can be useful for disaster recovery or backup option along with content distribution, Next generation of Cloud Computing peak demand, tiered storage or your overall business concerns.

Amazon web services or AWS offers loads of benefits for users and can be easily said to be a benchmark achievement with regards to cloud computing. AWS is strategically diversified over different geographical regions. This has been done for minimizing any issues of outages along with ensuring the robustness of systems. We have expert professionals with best industry expertise working for our organization in providing Amazon Web Services for our clients.

Characteristics of AWS

  •   Amazon EC2’s simple web service interface allows you to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction.
  •   It provides you complete control of your computing resources and lets you run on environment.
  •   It reduces the time to require obtaining and booting new server instances to minutes.
  •   It allows customers to rent computers on which they can run their own computer applications.
  •  Create, launch and terminate server instances as needed and paying by hour for active servers.
  •  Customer can create server instances on zones insulated from each other.
  •  It creates back up for the other and minimizes the down time.
  •  Use to configure network security and access.
amazon web services

Why Amazon Web Services?

When you opt for cloud computing from AWS, the tedious task of taking care of data center operations is eliminated. This leaves you with significant time for concentrating of other important aspects of your business. You can stay focused on business projects and eliminates the need to worry about hassles related to data center management.
We bring in increased agility to your business using AWS platform. You will be able to gain especially two benefits with Amazon web services. They are,

  •  Reduced Costs
  •  Simplicity in using AWS
aws pricing
  •  There is no requirement of any capital investment.
  •  Payment is required only for the features you make use of.
  •  Payment can be done even while you are on the move.
  •  No subscriptions are required.
aws pricing and hosting
  •  It is easily programmable.
  •  Integration with existing tools can be performed with ease.
  •  No admin is required.
  •  Simple configuration is required.
amazon cloud - janbask
  •  Amazon Web Services drastically reduces the cost involved in IT infrastructure for users. This is done in many ways.
  •  The improvements in efficiency permit AWS to serve clients are low rates; that too continuously.
  •  Multi-price models adopted by AWS, render users the facility of optimizing costs for stable as well as variable workloads.
aws hosting
  •  Setting up hardware for infrastructure needs is quite a challenging and costly process.
  •  Significant cost involved in setting this up too.
  •  All these challenges will be negated when you choose Amazon Web services for cloud computing.

Amazon Cloud

Cloud operations like AWS provide instant access to computing power over the internet. Rather than setting up their own machines, businesses and developers can rent access to servers, storage systems, and all sorts of software that run atop these services. Amazon pioneered the idea about a decade ago, and Microsoft, Google, and others—so many others—have followed suit.

AWS use cases

Some of the most popular use cases your business will have to go through in AWS include,

  •   Development and testing
  •   Enterprise applications
  •   Storage and Backup
  •  Archival and High Performance Computing
  •   Big data processing & analytics
  •  Disaster recovery and Virtual desktops
  •  Web apps and Mobile apps
  •  Social apps and Data Center Migrations
Challenges in AWS Cloud
  •  Latency Concerns & Server loaded with too much data
  •  Lack of clarity regarding assessment criteria
  •  Too much sensitive information
  •  Significant effort required for documentation in supporting highly complex server migrations
  •  Impact AWS cloud can have on KPIs & Costs associated with AWS cloud

A clear roadmap is followed by JanBask in helping your organization align with a broader enterprise IT program. Emerging issues are identified and resolved with the help of integrated Portfolio roadmaps. Business value of the application is taken in to consideration before business choices are made. Costs associated with AWS are lowered by reducing the complexity and size of application portfolio as well as infrastructure. Initiatives for cost reduction are performed within the infrastructure. Management information is improved through trusted sources and ownership. More focus is provided on the future operational reliability.


AWS TCO Model would be comprised of:

  •   Software Costs
  •  Server Costs
  •   Storage Costs
  •  Network Costs
  •  IT Admin Costs
  •  Facility Costs
Business benefits for your organization with AWS TCO model includes
  •  Decreased procurement time
  •  Lower downtime, improved productivity
  •  Perfect Resource Provisioning
AWS Support

JanBask offers AWS support for your organization which helps you to provide personalized service for your customers seeking technical help. The basic support includes product FAQs, discussion forums and resource center etc.

Three AWS support levels are provided for your organization namely;

Developer-Level Support
  •  Best practice guidance
  •  Guidance regarding the use of AWS features, services and products altogether.
Business-Level Support -
  •  Third-party software support
  •  API using which interaction can be done with the support center
  •  AWS products, features and services that best suits your specific requirements
Enterprise-Level Support
  •  Guidance on architecture of the application
  •  Guidance on business reviews of the management
Setting up Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing technology has matured significantly over the years, and now offers a compelling list of advantages over on-site deployments, especially for small businesses and start-ups that may not have the capital to purchase servers and other hardware appliances. AWS offers a number of ways to help businesses quickly get up and running with common deployment scenarios. Amazon cloud services offer an array of features to its customers.
Cloud platforms can be tricky to use and deploy and especially so when you are using it to build a company database. The main USP of the cloud computing setup for a business and one of the major concerns for cloud service providers is the reliability of its storage system. AWS stands out clear in the basic technological facets of the cloud service, namely raw computing power threshold, AWS storage capability, range of platforms available, content delivery capability, database capabilities and ease of integration and most importantly security.

Are You Planning to Extend your Datacenter to the Cloud?

We at JanBask work towards creating long lasting partnerships with all our clients and when it comes to AWS, we aim to engage with your company and provide enhanced productivity and quality. We provide unparalleled AWS consulting services in various industries and our focus is always on providing benefits for clients that leads them to cloud empowerment. We not just provide the guidance to execute your AWS migrations, but also maximize your cloud benefits by quick and efficient deployments.

Our AWS consulting services include:

  •  Architecting and implementation
  •  AWS cost optimization
  •  Existing infrastructure assessments and monitoring of all application stacks
  •  Migration of datacenters, server rooms and application stacks
  •  24×7 monitoring and first line support

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